High Value Specialist Collaboration

WKCC identified a need to create a High Value Specialist (HVS) collaboration due to rising health costs and the need to enhance the coordination of care between specialists and primary care physicians (PCPs), to improve quality and beneficiary satisfaction, and to control costs by reducing duplicative services. WKCC is partnering with like-minded, value-driven specialists to implement a collaboration that:

  • Uses evidence-based clinical and operational protocols contributing to highly-efficient, beneficiary-centered care
  • Provides superior coordination and communication with primary care physicians
  • Produces high quality outcomes across metrics relevant to each targeted high cost specialty
  • Improves capacity to effectively work with and respond to other members of cross-disciplinary, beneficiary-centered care teams

If you are interested in applying, please contact us via the HVS Practice Inquiry Form.

Reminder: Keep Us In the Loop!

We ask our HVS members to keep WKCC apprised of any changes – be sure to let us know if you open a new office (or move locations); add a new provider or if a provider departs.


High-Value Specialist
Collaboration Members

HVS Provider Change Forms

HVS Practice InquiryA practice is interested in joining the WKCC Collaboration
HVS New ProviderA new provider joins your practice and your practice is already a participant in the WKCC Collaboration
HVS Termed ProviderAn existing HVS provider leaves a current WKCC Collaboration practice
HVS New Practice / LocationA new HVS practice/location joins under an existing Tax ID # of a current WKCC member
HVS Practice / Location ExitAn existing HVS practice/location should be removed from a current WKCC Collaboration practice
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