Social Isolation Resources

Mental Health is a vital component of our overall health. 2020 has brought many unique challenges, such as increased social isolation as a result of social distancing. Not only has social isolation been linked to increased rates and severities of many chronic medical conditions, one researcher found that 56% of people say they never spoke about their loneliness with anyone. Here are some resource recommendations to promote social connection, and thus, optimal Mental Health, for our patients, our families, and ourselves.

Center for Volunteer Caregiving
In-Home Connections volunteers visit seniors and individuals with disabilities in their homes and through telephone calls, offering support and friendship.
(919) 460-0567

Resources for Seniors: Friendly Visitor
These volunteer-staffed programs provide weekly visits or daily telephone calls to homebound senior adults who would like regular contact to decrease isolation and improve safety.
(919) 231-4525

HopeLine operates a free Reassurance Program in which volunteers and staff make calls to individuals in North Carolina who have little or no daily contact with others.
(919) 231-4525

Center for Child and Family Health
CCFH offers evidence-based mental healthcare and family support that addresses the effects of childhood trauma and adversity and restores hope for a healthy future.
(919) 419-3474

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